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Ah... It's that time of year the days are getting shorter and in the south a bit cooler. So lets put up the whites and bring out the... hiking boots to enjoy the soon to turn leaves and cooler days. If you're anything like us in April, you quickly stored away your boots in a rush to move into flip-flop season and now it's time for a 6 month past due cleaning and refresh. The following blog will give you the products and steps to bring your favorite boots back to new with MAX CLEAN freshness and a new coat of MAX SHEILD water-repellent.

1. Gather up your refresh surplus of MaxClean, new boot laces and post cleaning MaxShield.

2. Find an open air location and admire last years boot grime collection, because it would soon be gone.

3. Begin to douse your boot with a healthily froth of MaxClean both in and out.

4. With the included curry comb cap, begin to work in the foam and break up the grime. Notice the BEAR! in the back ground. Next.. spray the sole, don't forget this step and trust me MaxClean can break that crude up.

5. To finish the cleaning process, apply one more coat of MaxClean as a rinse and let dry... You can really see the difference in the before and after if you do one boot at a time.  If you submit your left and right (like above) comparison, we will send you a new set of boot laces on us. 

6. After the boot is completely dry, spray on a even coat of MaxShield, to replace the water proofing that's dissipated over the last year of use. There you have it! Boots that not only look new but perform as new thanks to Peak cleaning and protectants.  Now hit the trail and watch out for Bears!

Written by Ellie Goodnow — September 06, 2013