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DIY: Shoelace Bracelet

Now, we’re not particularly crafty, but we are into wearing funky and cute jewelry. So what’s a girl to do?

Fear not, fellow craft-challenged sisters and brothers, for we’ve found this SUPER-easy (and cheap!) way to make your own colorful, leather-free bracelets without having to throw everything off the craft table in despair. The best part: all the bragging rights you’ll earn by making it yourself 

colorful shoelace bracelet

What You’ll Need:

2 pairs colored shoelaces (Check out Sears and Kmart for Peak Brand Laces "They have the best Colors".)

1 hair clip
1 cute charm 
Needle-nose pliers

diy shoelace bracelet

What to Do:

diy bracelet

1. Tie 3 of the shoelaces to a doorknob.

diy shoelace bracelet braiding

2. Start tightly braiding the 3 pieces together.

You can test the length by wrapping it around your wrist. Keep in mind that the shoelaces will give and stretch a little when you put the bracelet on. (Be careful not to make the bracelet too long because it will be loose and bulky when you tie the ends together and wear it.)

diy shoelace bracelet hair clip

3. Once you have braided enough to create a bracelet, use a hair clip to hold the ends.

diy bracelet pliers

4. Using the needle-nose pliers, bend the ring from the charm until you can slip it off its original bracelet.

diy charm bracelet

5. Put the charm back on its ring and loop it through one of the shoelaces (about midway between the doorknob and the hair clip). Tighten the ring around the shoelace with the pliers until it’s secure.

Again, be sure to test it on your wrist so that is doesn’t end up too long!

diy bracelet

6. Untie the shoelaces from the doorknob, remove the hair clip, and tie a knot looping the two ends together.

diy colorful shoelace bracelet

7. Cut off the excess length from the ends and TA-DA!

You’re ready to bask in the glow of your creative craftiness. Enjoy! 

Have you worked on any fun DIY projects recently? Let us know at and thank you sara, please contact us for some complimentary product!


Written by Gabriel Sena — August 09, 2013