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Now that school’s out and summer is officially here it is important to protect your gear. As this season is notorious for unpredictable weather and the unwanted, yet enjoyable afternoon thunderstorm, ensuring that you are dry is going to be key in making your trip an unforgettable memory.

We all have our favorite gear that has been the go to items when packing for a trip, but even our favorite items get weary with age. With use, items like: tents, rain jackets, backpacks, boots and shoes loose their resistance to foul weather. Continuing to protect your gear is a vital step in ensuring you not only have a great time, but also your gear will be around to join you on trips to come.

The next time you’re packing for a big adventure use Peak Max Shield or Peak Rain and Stain to protect your gear. Max Shield is a heavy duty water repellent that contains silicone which bonds to fabric to create a barrier while allowing it to breathe. Max Shield should be used to add protection to an item that is not already water resistant. Rain and Stain is formulated to restore repellency in: boots, shoes, clothing, hiking, camping, and outer gear. It can also be used on sports equipment, boat and trailer accessories and truck and car upholstery.

Whatever the adventure you and your family have planned for the summer, remember to protect your gear and have a fantastic time! 

Written by Ellie Goodnow — June 28, 2013